Olivia Palermo


I'm really hyped to meet her!!

Hey Everyone! I'm gonna blog about Olivia Palermo.

Olivia Palermo, 25 years old, New York Socialite, Actress, and Model. She was a cast member of the hit reality show, The City, along with Whitney Port.

I am so excited to meet her! I've been thinking about this for a long time and finally it's going to happen! I really love her style and her life! I wish I could be like her someday. I really want to see her in person because a lot of celebrities and friends that I know from the Philippines, love her style and I want to know why. Though I know she's really pretty and nice, that makes her even more appealing!

Guys, I'm really nervous and I get intimidated whenever I'm in front of famous people! I don't know what to wear yet! It's a styling event and she's going to be the speaker.  How exciting and cool is that?
I'll be bringing 2 cameras since I don't have a photographer with me. I'm going to use the DSLR and a small camera! So anyways, I'm gonna update you guys next week about this event so stay tuned!



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