My 2012 Vision Board For thebigapplegirl.com


Hey guys! so here's my vision board for my blog thebigapplegirl.com for the year 2012. 
The day I started blogging was in March 2011 and I never really had a clue what my blog will be all about. I just posted things that were not interesting at all. The highlight of my 2011 was when I attended the Fashiolista get together during New York Fashion week and met fashion bloggers like Andy Torres of Stylescrapbook and got more inspired when she talked about her career. I then blogged about my experiences and also attended more events. On November 27, 2011, I got my first feature on candymag.com, the website of a teen magazine in the Philippines. I gained more followers and fans who support me up to now. :)

This 2012, I wish to have more followers, be a well known fashion blogger, attend more events and fashion shows, get more features and sponsors, blog more interesting posts and pictures and meet more celebrities.

There's so much to be thankful for and I really wish there will be more blessings this year.


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4 Lovely Comments

  1. That is great! It's fantastic that you get to experience these things at such a early career blogging

  2. YOU will be sweetie! <3 just keep the Fire burning! :)

    XOXO Junnie

  3. "Go to more Gossip Girl shooting" Gee. Im envious!!! :P I'd be the number 1 viewer of your post if you have a new post about Gossip Girl. :P
    Followed you already. :)


  4. Oh my god "go to more Gossip Girl shooting"?! I'm so jealous right now haha