Boyfriend Material


 Some people ask me random questions about boys, like "what's your type?", "what attracts you?","qualities you look for in a guy?"...things like that. Well, in this post you'll get the answers.

I really like a guy who can dress well and has a good taste in fashion. I don't know, I just get attracted to guys who can pull off a look even if it's ragged. The hair style is important too. I don't like the messy long hair Justin Bieber/Zac Efron look. :))

I love it when me and the guy have a lot of things to talk about. Someone who loves what I love doing.
It would be cool if he's into Blogging and Fashion. + +

Hmm...the qualities? Someone who's respectful, who can laugh at my jokes, easy to get a long with, not moody!!!, can play video games with me?, doesn't complain when I go shopping with him (LOL). 
 If you ask me if I'm being serious here, the answer is, I don't know. I don't even know if my "dream boy" exists. haha. Just trying to answer your questions guys. So there you go. ;) Got more questions related to fashion? Formspring me!

ps. that guy above is my crush. ;)

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3 Lovely Comments

  1. I like his clothes, I want to have them all when I grown up :D

  2. Oh man, totally loving this guy's style! I can see why you've got a crush ;) I do too now!

  3. is he a boyfriend of one famous fashion blogger too? he looks familiar, and he's gorgeous! :)