Andy Torres

New York Fashion Week 2012 Day 1+IFB CON


                warning : picture overload. ;)

Hey Everyone! Here's my photo diary from the IFB Con Event I've attended yesterday, February 8, 2012. It's the 1st day of NYFW and I was so excited to see all the fashionable people. I saw my friend Andy Torres of Stylescrapbook again and I was like, "Hey Andy remember me?" she hugged me and said "of course!" She kept on repeating my name especially on a video we I'll show you on the next post the video. Anyways, some of the FAMOUS Fashion Bloggers were there. Bryan Boy, oh dear, he was so funny when he saw me, he was like "Hey it's you again!you are everywhere!Did I see you in Florence?oh no wait,Fashion Week last year?" and I was like"No,actually at Teen Vogue" and he said"oh right!the Marc Jacobs event!". 
I just love him!<3
I saw Natalie Suarez again and we had a picture taken "again".lol. Then I met Carolina Engman, oh my gosh she's really pretty! 
It was like a "star studded" event. Famous fashion bloggers are considered celebrities nowadays so yeah...

Thank you so much IFB for this wonderful experience! You guys are the best!
-----xx MARIDY
My friend Andy Torres the famous Stylescrapbook

Another Famous Fashion Blogger, Carolina Engman

Another Famous NYC Fashion Blogger "Street Etiquette"

With my new friend Justin who's a fashion blogger too

met a new friend again! :) Hi !

When Andy arrived I brought her to the waiting room
took a short break outside Milk Studios

Me and Natalie Suarez again!met her again! :)

Me and Bryan Boy :) My favorite!


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8 Lovely Comments

  1. omg, OMG! I cannot believe how good this seemed to be. SO SO SO GOOD. Can't wait for the video

  2. so lucky! if i was there, i'd be loaded with photos too :) haha. thanks for this Maridy. didn't Rumi Neely come? Bryan Boy was there, and they're really good friends.


    1. Thank you Jade! Rumi came to the after party but I went home right away so I didn't meet her. :)

    2. aaaw :( it would have been nice if you did get your picture taken with her. and i might die gasping seeing you both. i love rumi :) and i love your blog, too. keep us filipinos updated about new york fashion.

      much love,


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  4. Hey, it's Ivie! Nice pics! I wish I would have taken more. Hope you're enjoying fashion week!

  5. Wooow! I wish I could attend an IFB con one day! For now I'll just have to rely on people's blogs for this :P

    ♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY