Makeup Shopping at Sephora


Just for this month!

Can't choose!

Spotted. The Big Apple Girl at Grand Central

LOL. Can you even see me?

Feeling Serena Vanderwoodsen at Grand Central

Makeup shopping! Went to Sephora to buy a few things for myself. I'm really shocked when I was about to pay because of the total! I won't tell you how much but it's pretty expensive.
Do you experience that too?

For me, I only buy the important items and useful ones, I don't just grab this and that, no.
Budget your money so you won't overspend the next time you shop.

How about you? How much do you spend on makeup?


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2 Lovely Comments

  1. oooh i love Sephora!


  2. I unfortunately do that too often... I usually try to keep it to simply one or two items. haha please put up a picture of the nail polish when you wear it! :)