IFB CON (Sept 5, 2012)


working front desk, checking in people...

This is my 2nd time to attend the IFB CON... I am still a volunteer though... ;)
I love the fact that it's NYFW right now and you get to meet people from the Fashion industry,
tell them your story, get some advice and gain friends...

I actually woke up so late and almost didn't make it but thanks to my conscience, I rushed without prepping myself too much and met my favorite people in the Fashion world.

I saw supermodel Iman, who still looks fab at the age of 57. 
Ran into Eva Chen again, she's the beauty editor of Teen Vogue...
Lindsey Calla, who's in the commercial of TJ Maxx, and Kelly Framel of were there...

Actually, a lot of famous bloggers and brands were present... :)

See you next season, IFBCON!


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2 Lovely Comments

  1. Hey Maridy! I'm LOVIN' the post on IBFcon!

    You got some really great shots, you can check out my blog here:

    Speak to you soon lady!