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I'm still a hello kitty lover. P.S that's me and Riccardo Pozzoli on the

My Gucci perfume & Dior Glasses

It's important to take down notes in fashion

Hey Everyone! I've been really busy lately to tell you honestly. I've managed to go to school, run errands, intern, attend events, do street style photos, edit photos and blog during New York Fashion Week! I love the hustle and bustle in the city!

Today is the last day of NYFW, so it's siesta time for me!
Here are some photos of my work space or blogging space at home.
Also photographed are my unexpected gifts. The new Dior Mohotani sunglasses from my cousin Christine and friend Kendra and the East West Shopper Black Python Effect bag from Rachael Ruddick herself.

If you noticed my blog's changes, I made everything look different. I am now calling this my fashion diary. I'll be blogging about other people's fashion, events I've attended, people who inspire me, street style photos and travels. Stay tuned and keep visiting as I will host another giveaway.

Thank you for reading!

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