April Favorites: Sephora Haul


Only comes with 3 items, I bought the other one separately.

Drug Store Makeup (not from Sephora)

Hey Everyone! I decided to write a review on these products.
Before I start, just a friendly reminder, this isn't a sponsored post.

 I always invest on good products for my skin. The following items are my favorites!
I purchased them a month ago and I absolutely love them!!!

1. Beauty Blogger Too Faced set- I'm happy that Too Faced grouped these in one box.
-The poreless primer is amazing! It really covers your pores and makes it look smaller or sometimes invisible.
-The Eyeshadow primer helps my eyeshadow stay intact for 24hrs. Trust me, one time I went out in Vegas and wasn't able to take off my makeup till the next morning. Surprisingly my eyeshadow looked perfect.
-"Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara" makes your lashes look fuller and natural at the same time.
I am obsessed with it!
-Chocolate Soleil Bronzer smells really good and is the best bronzer I've ever used!
Also does a great job in contouring.

2. Glam Glow Face Mask: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!! I really love this product!
I use it once a week. It tightens my skin and helps dry out breakouts.

3. NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder:

My cousin Arvin introduced me to this magic powder. It makes my skin glow and look flawless in person and photos. I don't have perfect skin but this powder changed everything!

4. I got this Maybelline concealer at a drugstore. I just want to include this on this post even if it's not from Sephora.
My thoughts: It's really good. It doesn't cake up your makeup and it covers dark spots for hours!
 Again, this was also recommended to me and I can't stop using it. ;)

I hope this article helped you if you're looking for reviews on these products.
Have an amazing week!


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  1. I feel like I want to go shopping right now! Thank you for sharing The Big Apple Girl.