Winter Skin Care Routine


Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!!! Wow, I can't believe I'm celebrating my website's 5th year already, and I know I owe you more posts.

I recently changed my skin care routine because I noticed that I had really dry skin and I was breaking out due to the cold weather here in New York. I looked up online home remedies that could possibly work, and I found 2 products that were quite interesting. These two products that I'm talking about are organic coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. First of all, I don't moisturize my skin everyday because I breakout whenever I apply it on my face. Yes, that's how sensitive my skin is!
The coconut oil helped my skin look radiant, or should I just say glowing. The apple cider, I use it as a toner or an alternative for spot treatment. I just got a really huge zit on my cheek, and I was freaking out because it was a day before Christmas eve and I couldn't show up having a pimple on my face. I applied apple cider vinegar on the affected area and the next day it was less visible. I swear it was that quick!
I'm running out of apple cider vinegar as you can see. lol

Here's what I do at night time after a long day with makeup on:

-I remove my makeup first with 1 cloth of Kirkland makeup wipes.
-I scoop 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and apply it on my face with my fingers. ( just be gentle!)
-I wipe my face with a hot cloth to remove the coconut oil.
-Then I use my cleanser to wash my face ( I got mine from my dermatologist but you can use whatever you have)
- Rinse everything with warm water and you're done!

I've been doing this for two weeks now, and I can see a huge difference! It's really helping my skin a lot during this season.

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