DUMBO- Exploring Downtown Brooklyn


tongue out. ;p

I remember reading the comments from one of my readers telling me to post photos of DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and I said yes, but I never did right away.
After months of planning I finally got a chance to visit Downtown Brooklyn.

I fell in love with the place! All the people who told me how beautiful the place is were all right.
I will come back when I have time...

Bye for now..

Here's what Vanessa Hudgens said about Brooklyn: 

"Brooklyn is seriously one of my FAVORITE places to explore. Soo many beautiful sights and there’s always something unexpected and amazing to discover around the corner. Art and beauty all around. Miss it already!!"


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8 Lovely Comments

  1. Brooklyn is significantly one among my FAVORITE areas to educate yourself regarding. Soo numerous lovely scenery along with there’s usually a thing unforeseen along with incredible to discover inevitable. Fine art and sweetness throughout. Miss this rs goldGold für WOW Kaufen

  2. I was the one who told you to visit DUMBO! :) Glad you did. Still a Breathtaking place!!! I miss DUMBO. Some movies where shot in that place like Waking in Up in Vegas.

  3. In addition to that, Olivia Palermo lives there! :D

  4. what is your Job by the way? :)

    1. Hi there! Do you have a name? Thank you for visiting thebigapplegirl and suggesting places. You can check out my bio on instagram. :)

  5. My name is Pam :) I keep on checking out your blog because of New York and Fashion. Those 2 blend pretty well since there is so much energy or vibe that the city brings. I love New York. :) Moreover, your close encounters with celebrities, fashion icons (Olivia Palermo,P.S. MY style icon :) ) and my favorite bloggers (Andy and Chiara) brings me excitement. I always wanted to meet them personally. So, it's something that i look forward to seeing soon :) Thanks for updating NYFW . I love to be your assistant . Lol! :)

    1. Hi Pam! :) aww.. thank you! People like you inspire me to blog more. Are you from the US too? Are we following each other on Instagram? ;)
      I hope to meet you one day.- Maridy

  6. :) I'm from the Philippines, Hopefully, March of Next Year i'll be visiting my brother in the US and possibly visiting New York as well. Hope to bump into you one day. Thanks again :)