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Last Thursday I flew back to L.A to attend Cigar and Spirits Magazine's event. I was invited by Dan and Christine Charlier, who were both featured in the mag shot by yours truly.
I had a great time!

Let's rewind to the day of my flight..
I had Wendys burger for the first time because there was no Mc Donald's at terminal 2 in JFK.
I had a stopover in Atlanta, and it was also my first time to step on their turf. :))
Then from Atlanta to LA which was a 4 hour flight, I had 2 small burgers which was pricey because they were sold on the plane (no need to explain).
And when I landed in L.A I had In-n-Out burger! hahaha!
To tell you which one I enjoyed, I'd say the latter.

Okay, so enough of the burger story!
I also met a new friend on my flight from NY to ATL.
She lives on a private beach in Alabama and she's got a pretty cool business!
She does weddings on the beach. If you check her website you'll know what I'm saying.
She's also a flight attendant which is really awesome because she's just like me, I have a day job, and I also have this blog at the same time. 
Oh how I love meeting new people when I travel!

Fast forward to this day, I am relaxing before this special event tonight in Beverly Hills.
I will be attending Marianne Williamson's political campaign hosted by Christine Charlier.
I'm going to blog about it soon.
Talk to you guys later!


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