My Week in Photos + 2nd Website


Hey everyone! I was quite busy running errands last week.
My dad asked me to take my brother to all of his appointments (Dentist, Dermatologist, etc.,) before school starts.
For our late lunch, we'd stop by at my favorite restaurant, Cafe Habana located in Soho.


Chill Vibes top from
Having lunch with my brother
TV and Movie Scripts on the streets in New York
Yum! My favorite corn!
bought this mug from Disneyland California. I am in love with this!

Whenever I see flowers, It's always a must to stop and smell...then buy. lol
Soho is love.

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I also want to share to you my 2nd website which is my online portfolio + tips and tricks in photography. It's called

Have you seen my Travel diary?

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