Hanging Out w/ JaDine (what is it)



ust a week ago, I got to hangout with one of the biggest love teams in the Philippines. Both of them are actors back home. I know most of my readers are not Filipinos so I am going to explain to you what JaDine is about.

JaDine stands for James Reid and Nadine Lustre, you know, like Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). James and Nadine are both famous actors in the Philippines, they're also a real-life couple.
Last week they were in New York for their concert. Yes, they're performers too! These two are a total package.

I met them briefly while I was helping out with the production from last year's concert. This year was different, I got to hangout with them and got to know them a little bit.


On their first night, my friend and I picked them up from JFK airport.
At the hotel, my friends prepared late dinner for all of us including the production team.
We didn't expect the two to stay that long because it was already 12 A.M that time.
I sat next to Nadine, introduced myself and talked about random things for an hour.
I also got to chat with James at the same time. It was also a good thing that my friend Karl back in the PH used to hangout with James, while their close friend Tricia Ramos(@trishdenise) and I follow each other on Instagram so I should be no stranger to them (lol). 

The next day was their show day. My friends and I transported them from the hotel to the venue.
Had a little chitchat on the road. Dropped them off and got Shake Shack for everyone.
I think it took them an hour to rehearse so the burgers weren't that good when they had them.
I asked James if he liked them, he said it was good but cold, then laughed.
I was backstage watching the two perform and I had a great time!
It was my first time behind the scenes so everything felt surreal.
I can really see myself working for a production in the future.


We had an after party and another party after that which I can't share with you.
I respect their privacy and I would rather keep the photos in private.
But we had so much fun that night. We were at a lounge playing games and was just laughing the whole time. We transferred to a karaoke bar a couple of blocks down and sang till 3 A.M.

The third day was their last day in NY. My friends and I took them to SoHo.
The girls separated from the boys and met up afterwards.
It was a different kind of experience shopping with celebrities. I used to be a personal shopper for a Hollywood actress but this was just different. It was like shopping with your best friend (lol).
Nadine and I both share the same love for bodysuits and high waisted pants!
I also couldn't believe that an actress would be asking for my opinion on the clothes she was trying on. My heart just melted! ha ha ha
But I've already styled a few notable people here in the US so I'm used to it.

Nadine is sweet, she's really nice and bubbly. James is nice too, and a great conversationalist.
We all have one thing in common, our love for fashion! ha ha ha
I told Nadine that if I get invited to NYFW again, I would take her with me.

The story behind the scarf and earmuffs

It was freezing cold that day in SoHo, about 30 F degrees. Everyone's not dressed for the weather except me. I had this chunky scarf and oversized earmuffs on. I offered it to them when we got there but they said they were okay. After shopping for a couple of hours on the way to the parking lot, I noticed that the two were shivering. I immediately gave my scarf to Nadine and as you can see on the photo, she wore it up to her nose (lol)! I also noticed James' ears were turning red so I gave my earmuffs right away. James was like, "now you're giving me this" "oh now you want me to wear this?". We were all laughing! These two can wear anything and make it look cool anyway! ha ha ha

I wish they stayed longer but there's always a next time!
I gotta say this was one of the best days that I will remember forever.
I got to bond with my friends and at the same time gain new ones.

*There are so many photos that I want to share but I respect the two so much so I hope you guys understand. *


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading this.

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  4. Tnx forsharing, i love them very much😚

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  6. i wish all my co-jadines get to read this... but im really intrigued about the photos u cant show and the karaoke night... it would be nice seeing them doing just the things normal people do... thanks for this though...

  7. Thanks for sharing. Btw I love JaDine so much but I'm Indonesian so US is too far away from here hahah