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Random Questions: Nicole Andersson


Check out my interview with Celebrity and Fashion Blogger,
Nicole Andersson

Where do you usually shop?
- I rarely have time to shop nowadays but when I do I like going to Top Shop and Zara and then scouring random stores where people won't expect me to be.

Who are your fashion icons?
- Olivia Palermo; Rachel Zoe; and Jackie O.

Where do you shop when you're in New York?
- I've only been once so I can't remember anymore but it's definitely time to go back.

Who is your favorite designer?
- I really like the RTW collections of DVF. 

If you were to meet a Hollywood celebrity who would that be? 
- Ideally, I'd meet all of them at the Oscars ;) If I'll dream I might as well dream BIG.

Do you plan your outfit for the day?
- I used to but I always get lazy when I come home late at night. So I throw on what I feel like in the morning instead.

What's your biggest shopping splurge?
- Hmm. I would say shoes and bags. Typical.

How often do you update your closet?
- I try to be more reasonable with my shopping so I would buy key pieces here and there. Generally when the season or location changes for me, that's when I revamp my closet. 

These are just random questions I sent Nicole. Thanks for chatting and hope to see you when you visit New York.

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