Andy Torres



Awesome! I just found these pictures on Tumblr! I don't own the pictures okay.
These are the most popular Lookbookers.

I just like the fact that they started out simple just like any one of us who just joined Lookbook or fashion blogging and transformed into really chic, glamorous and fashionable icons in the fashion industry today.

Out of these 5, I met Andy Torres in person last September 2011 during New York Fashion Week, and I've been telling the whole world ever since that day, that she's the nicest blogger I've ever met, and I didn't really expect to be able to talk to her for like an hour straight sharing some personal experiences, and everything. Truly amazing! 
I'm happy that she's very down to earth and approachable. 
She also followed me on Twitter!<3
ah!So nice!:)
If you missed the video of us together, here's the link:


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2 Lovely Comments

  1. who knew the looked like that before.but so happy for them!awesome!

  2. I know right? But they're so popular right now. I wanna be like them too! <3