Lady Gaga's Workshop at Barney's NY


 Hey everyone! So yesterday, I went to Barney's New York to take pictures of Lady Gaga's workshop. It was located on the 5th floor of Barney's. By the way, I saw actress Diane Kruger shopping at 2nd floor.
Okay, so about Lady Gaga's workshop, I was so amazed when I entered the place, I felt like I was in another planet!haha! I love the concept of Gaga! She has brilliant ideas in making money! From yo-yo's to stuffed toys to magnets, name it! Prices start from $18 up! I didn't buy anything yet, but maybe next week I'll buy a shirt! :) Here are some pictures I took. Check them out!

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3 Lovely Comments

  1. hi ate maridy cool pics i luv it!!!

  2. i luv <3 your fashon sense and designs i luv my dog !!! <3 :)