New: Topshop Lipstick


Hey Everyone! I wanna show you my new lipstick! I got it for free at Topshop during Olivia Palermo's Styling Event. I was early and a guy approached me and asked me to answer his survey, then after that I was so surprised that he gave me a free gift! yay! lol! I love it! Seriously, the color looks good on me. It's like the shade that the Kardashians use. It smells really good too! You guys have to try it too! Buy it at Topshop! :)

It's affordable! I think it's just for $10. go buy one now! :)
I'll post pictures soon wearing it! :)

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2 Lovely Comments

  1. i have this same shade! haha but with a different brand. it kinda looks good when you're wearing black, i think :) i bet this will look good on you!

    Jade :)

  2. oh cool! :) yes you're right, it looks good if you wear black because it stands. thanks jade! :)