Get Glue

Get Glue Headquarters (NYC)


With the Product Manager of Get Glue, Lara.

Free Stickers!More Stickers!!! =)

inside the conference room

it's like I work :)
I got to visit the Get Glue headquarters yesterday thanks to the Product Manager, Lara for the invite!
If you haven't heard about Get Glue, it is an app or website that you can use if you're watching something and you want to check in to a TV show or Movie,see other people's activities and etc.
You also gain stickers every check-in and if you reach 20 stickers, they'll mail them to you for free!

It's a fun app! you go check it out. :)
this isn't a sponsored post but I really recommend this :)


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  1. Movie foursquare? Sounds very funny)) need to download and try it!