Christmas + Meeting Michelle Phan


Hey Guys! I haven't been blogging a lot lately because the last time I tried, Blogger didn't allow me to upload photos due to their free 1G or something policy and if you exceeded then you have to pay monthly to be able to upload pictures. That is ridiculous! I thought blogging is free...

Anyways, I am currently using my photo blog 
I am also thinking about moving to another site...but if I do that I will have to do a lot of things so I can transfer everything from this blog the new one. I will still be but just a different host.

So yeah, Christmas is here! I have mixed emotions, I don't even feel like it's Christmas even if Manhattan looks really beautiful and "Christmasy". Oh, and I met Michelle Phan! She's so sweet! Love her!

Till then! Merry Christmas!

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1 Lovely Comments

  1. LOVE IT!! :) I know.. Blogger is giving tons of problems too.. I'm still thinking about what to do too..Your both so pretty! Love your purse girl. :)dang.. she has flawless skin!
    Xo Pam