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Interior Inspiration: Home Office


My Home Office

I am loving this chair! Looks fluffy!
Having an inspiration board is a must.

Again, the chair. I'm also loving the view.

I love the desk and chair.

NEAT! I just want my space to look clean so I'll probably stick to shades of black and white.

I need to put flowers of course! I'm into Daisies and Peonies. I would probably try to put them in these bottles or a pretty vase.
 Hey Everyone!
This is my 2nd post for the week. I'll be posting interior inspirations every Tuesday.
I've been obsessing over interior decorating lately. I'm also dreaming of a lovely home office for The Big Apple Girl...

I've researched furniture and decorations for my future place.
I always visualize and plan out things whenever I want something to materialize.
Okay, since I'm moving to a new place I am hoping I can have a small home office space.

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I promise I'll make the visuals and text look good next post! I'm still experimenting right now.
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  1. The furnitures are so pretty. I would also love to have a home office...