Travel Thursday: San Francisco California


I've always wanted to travel to San Francisco, California. I think the place is a beauty!
I have relatives who live there but I haven't been there at all! 
So I made a vision board with these photos and hopefully soon it will materialize...
Click inside to view more...

Oh my goodness! I find this amazing! ugh! <3

My grandparents (my mom's parents) had a picture taken here years ago, well not exactly on this spot, but they have the golden gate bridge behind them... ;)

So I found this map... prolly a useful one! Would love to visit each of these.

And last but not the least, I would like to hop on that cable car.. or railway. I don't know what's it

I have only been to some places in California, and I still want to explore it.
This is gonna be in my bucket list!

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2 Lovely Comments

  1. Visit the Crissy Fields.. It's such a perfect spot for pictures. How could you not include Lombard's street? It has one of the famous landmarks in SF which is the most crookedest road in America. :) San Francisco has a lot to offer young or old. And oh! never wear heels i beg. Have you seen those pavements? Wear flats and you'll thank me for that. Enjoy SF soon! :)

  2. i'm traveling to Cali soon and hopefully be able to visit san francisco :-)
    you're lucky to have relatives there so take your chance :-)