Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley


M y 10-year-old self was screaming on the inside as I entered the world of Harry Potter. I've always been a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, so when I found out about the theme park, I immediately wanted to fly to Orlando, Florida. It took 5 years for this to happen, but the long wait was worth it. Dreams do come true!

Before I entered Diagon Alley, there was a London area where you'll see the Knight Bus. Take a photo and chat with the conductor and Dre the shrunken head. At 12 Grimmauld place (pictured above) you'll see Kreacher the House Elf peaking through the window every few minutes. Don't forget to go to the telephone booth and dial 62442(MAGIC) and it will connect you to the ministry of magic.

When I entered Diagon Alley, the first thing I saw on my right was Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. It looked exactly like the one in the movie! I absolutely loved everything in that joke shop as well as all the workers in character. You'll also find products like Love Potion, extendable ears, beans with weird flavors like puke and grass (eww I tasted one).


It was impossible to get a good photo because it was a little crowded and my photographer was my 12 year old cousin...
There are objects that you can cast a spell with your interactive wand which is so cool!
I thought the kids looked funny when I saw them pointing their wands on this statue, but then I found out that you can really do that as long as you bought the more expensive wand.
Do you remember this famous ride from the movie? Well, if you're visiting Diagon Alley, don't forget to take a picture riding it!

  I went inside this shop and found a talking goblin. The goblin really talks to you.
I had my butterbeer with me and recorded myself  as I waited in line, then I heard the goblin say "please be careful with your food and drinks when inside this room" he stared at me and I started laughing and he talked to me again and said "yes, I'm talking to you". I literally got scared and went out right away. Ha ha ha!

Displayed on the window of this shop is Hermione's Yule Ball dress. Not everyone knows that.

Inside the Gringotts Bank, you can choose to have a bank tour or line up for the Escape to Gringotts ride. During the tour, you'll see the goblins working just like the scene in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The indoor 3D roller coaster is now one of my favorite rides. It wasn't scary after all.

 And before I left Diagon Alley, I had to get myself a frozen Butterbeer! It was so good! The drinks were $6 but you can add more to get the souvenir mug. I just had the regular plastic cup.

There's still so much to see that I'm already planning my 2nd trip to Orlando. Next one is Hogsmeade!

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8 Lovely Comments

  1. What a wonderful moment for you. I also want to go there since I was a kid. You are very lucky girl!

  2. Girl, I really like this post. thank you for sharing!! I think this is by far one of my favorites... Keep traveling and sharing.

  3. I was there just a few weeks ago and I have to say it was magical! I feel you too! =) I know the excitement.

  4. How much did you pay for the love potion? that was interesting. LOL

    1. Hello, I think it was $10. I will get back to you once I remember. :)