Tobi Clothing Haul


I've been experimenting with my personal style lately and I absolutely fell in love with Tobi's clothes as I was browsing through their website. I can totally see myself wearing every piece of clothing they have online. You just don't know how excited I was when I got my package the other day.

I haven't really been taking photos outside because of the weather but I will next week. This is how I styled each item I shopped at Tobi.
I'm currently into black, white, and neutrals this season that explains every look I've posted.

I provided the links where you can buy them.
Happy shopping!!

This dress is inspired by Val and Desi's
I had to do another photo 2 days after. I just love this dress!

I haven't worn this jacket yet but I will next weekend so stay tuned for another outfit post!
You can get the exact jacket here.



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