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wo weeks ago I went to Disney World for the first time!
I've only been to Disneyland California and Hong Kong but I've always wanted to visit Disney World in Orlando. I'm so happy I got to go there this year.For those of you who are planning to take a trip to Magic Kingdom, here are some tips...

First of all, I recommend that you buy your tickets a week before your trip. Get them online so you can get your fast pass. You get to choose three rides and schedule them. Download the app on your phone so you can track the time and get a bonus ride for fast pass.
I chose Pirates of the Caribbean,  Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain, and Autopia.
Fast Pass is the best, so make sure you get it! Don't worry, it's free.

When you arrive at the parking area, you'll need to ride the tram going to the ticketing booths, you will need to claim your tickets at the Will Call booth. It only took us 5 minutes to get our cards (as shown on the photo above). Then you can get on the ferry that will take you to Magic Kingdom. It's a 10 minute ride.

If you have things that you want to store in the locker, it's located on the right side once you enter the park. You can rent one for $6. You pay $9 upfront but you can get your $3 back when you surrender the key.
Get a free button (refer to the photo above) at any store selling merchandise.
I got the 1st visit one because it was my first time in Magic Kingdom.
While you still have time before your scheduled ride (fast pass) you can take photos or catch a show.
Maybe watch Mickey's PhilharMagic, a 4D show you can enjoy with your family.

Oh and don't forget to get your ears! I got the ones that you can have your name embroidered.
Make sure to take lots of photos with it! :)
Haunted Mansion with the bro

If you want to meet Cinderella or any character, it usually takes 40 minutes so I prefer to do this last.
When you feel like dancing, or if you want to have fun even if you're not a kid anymore, head over to Tomorrowland and find the dance floor. I think it was in front of Astro Orbiter.
I suggest you go there around 8pm. But it depends on the park's schedule. In our case it started around 8 and ended at 9 just in time for the fireworks.

My family and I just stayed there for an hour before heading back to Main Street.
I took more photos showing the castle at night...

The perfect spot to see the fireworks would be in the middle of Main Street just by Partner's Statue(Walt and Mickey).

After the fireworks, it gets crowded in Main Street as everyone heads out at the same time. 
You can wait for 20 minutes by the Plaza Restaurant before heading out.

If you plan to eat dinner outside Magic Kingdom, you can go to Disney Springs aka Downtown Disney. They have a free shuttle that will take you there or if you're driving then lucky you!
It's a 10 minute drive from Magic Kingdom.

As for me, I took the free shuttle to Disney Springs and took Uber going back to the hotel.
I want to go back and check out Epcot next time. How about you?
I hope this article helped you...
Let me know if it did.


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