Hanging Out With an Actor


My Instagram followers made a new love team. hahaha. JADAN and DINEDEE.

t's been a month already and I still couldn't get over that time I got to hangout with one of the hottest actors in the Philippines. A Brazilian-Japanese actor/model/businessman/athlete who moved to the Philippines to pursue his dream. Just like me moving to New York with the same goal.
I honestly wasn't following him on social media before meeting him. We don't have TFC (Filipino Channel) at home so I wasn't really updated with anything about him (oopsie hehe). So when I found out that one of my good friends was going to produce a show here in New York featuring Daniel Matsunaga, I asked to be part of the production team just because I was curious who this guy was.

The first day I met him was at the rehearsals, I just had my picture taken, that's it. At least I had a photo right? hahaha. The next day they had a Press conference. It was Cinco de Mayo, everyone's going out that night, so I was looking for parties to go to. I approached Daniel, asked for a few photos and introduced myself. I said, "Hi, I'm Dee, you're friends with James Reid right? I hung out with James and Nadine last month" he goes "oh really? yes we're friends" then I asked where he's celebrating cinco de mayo. Turns out he already had plans with his friends but he still gave me the name of the place and said I needed a costume to get in. I told him it's too late for me to get a costume  so I said maybe I'll join him next time. I then asked what his plans were the next day and he said he's leaving after the show already. I just said, "let's hangout when you come back then, have fun tonight and I'll see you at the show tomorrow".

On the day of the show, I saw Daniel again and went to say hi at the dressing room with a few people.
He asked where we were going after the show 'cause he wanted to go check out this famous nightclub.
I already made plans with one of my good friends, celebrity makeup artist Mac Igarta and a couple of friends. I told Daniel I was going to hangout with James Reid's makeup artist and some friends. He said he'll go with us. I was a little bit surprised that an actor just said he wanted to come party with me and my friends as I was still a stranger to him *hahaha*. Well, I showed him my Instagram and that should prove I wasn't lying about James and Nadine right?

I seriously admitted I just googled and found out he was PBB's (Pinoy Big Brother)  Grand Winner in 2014. I'm not sure how he felt when I said that. But I told him I was really busy that time and I was in  LA working and had no TFC (Filipino Channel). *hahaha* I wanted to facepalm myself when I said that! I think he laughed and said something about me being "Miss Google". HAHAHA

I won't go into details anymore on how that night went. I just want to say how nice and down to earth he was. I wasn't intimidated at all. It was like hanging out with a normal person and not a celebrity. He was very entertaining too! He kept making jokes and he made me and my friends laugh the whole time. Oh, and I've never met a celebrity who's very religious. He invited me to Hillsong Church the next day and I immediately said yes. Let me tell you a story from last year. I was randomly viewing a video about Hillsong and started liking the songs and sermons. I had it on my vision board to attend a service one day knowing it gets really packed all the time, I wasn't sure when it would happen. Fast forward to that day I went with Daniel, I was kind of emotional when I got in the church with that goal checked off my bucket list especially when we got front row seats reserved by his friend. Those seats were hard to get unless you have connections inside. I'm just grateful that I met someone so kind who treats normal people like me like one of his good friends.

Thank you DanDan for that wonderful experience. It was indeed a memorable one! I hope you get back to New York soon so we can hangout again! God bless on your career and I pray that you will be blessed with more projects. Good luck on your football game in Brazil next month! I will be cheering for you. :)

This is a group picture with my friends but I cropped them out. lol. Sorry again Ate Grace and Janty! :))

*PS This is a long overdue post. I just wanted to let everyone know how nice Daniel Matsunaga is. It's rare to find someone like him in Showbiz. I also just realized we were on the same magazine I got featured in back in 2014. We were just pages apart! Who knew I would be meeting him in New York a few years later.*

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5 Lovely Comments

  1. What a lucky girl. There are a lot of girls who would want to be in your place.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome!! Good to know there's still good people in show business.

  3. He's very nice then. He's a good guy.
    What a keeper! Don't let that guy go.

  4. Here in the Philippines he is one of the hunks. A lot of girls have a crush on him..
    Lucky you.. What does he smell like? hehe

  5. That's cute! Thank you for sharing big apple girl! you are the reason why I don't give up on dreams. what an inspiration. thanks for this.