Music: James Reid's Palm Dreams Album



ho is James Reid? He's one of the best artists in the Philippines(PH).
He recently won MTV Europe Music Awards Best Southeast Asian Act.
If you want to read more about him just read my previous blog post.

I don't usually do this but when I see talent, I don't think twice when sharing it to people.
There are only two artists I listen to from the PH, James Reid and Jess Connelly.
That's the kind of music I appreciate right now.
It makes me so proud that the music in the PH is evolving and is making waves around the world.

James Reid wrote the songs and produced the album. He wrote songs for his girlfriend too.
He created his own music label, Careless Music Manila. Another #CEOGOALS.

I was able to make a short video of what New Yorkers think of James Reid's Palm Dreams album.
Check it out if you haven't.

(photo by Andrei Suleik)

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