Lustrous Nadine Lustre x BYS


It's here! Finally got my Lustrous makeup thanks to my fairy godmother 😉.
Just in time for my 27th birthday!
If you're reading this and you're curious about this makeup line, it's a collaboration of Filipino Superstar Nadine Lustre (read my blog about hanging out with her) and BYS Cosmetics (Australian Brand). The limited edition box worth $60 (Php 2,999) includes 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 contour palette, mascara, lip and cheek tint, brow gel and mermaid brushes.

The packaging looks nice. It has this chic island vibe.

I got the warm tones which I like. I can wear this for everyday makeup. The only downside for the eyeshadow palette is they're all shimmery and no matte for transition. If you have the contour palette, you can use the matte bronzer for your transition shade or whatever matte eyeshadow you have at home. To intensify the colors, I spray my brushes with Evian facial spray before applying the eyeshadows.

The brow gel, it was new to me because I always use a pencil. Here's a tip, I used the brush that comes with the brow gel to line the top and bottom since it doesn't look harsh using it. Then I used my own small angled brush from E.L.F to fill in the brows that create hairlike strokes. Lastly, brush with a spoolie to make it look natural. Voila!

The waterproof mascara was a bit wet but it didn't make my lashes look clumpy. Their brush/wand made it easier to distribute the product evenly. This waterproof mascara is perfect this summer! Loving it.

However the lip/cheek tint wasn't my favorite. It was also my first time to use a lip and cheek tint so I had no idea how it should look on the lips. It stayed in one place even though I was quick to spread everything evenly. Tried to put it on my cheeks but in seconds it dried in one spot too quickly.
It ruins your face makeup so I do not recommend putting it on the cheeks!

The contour palette was okay, a bit chalky but does the job. The highlighters were good too. You just have to be careful when applying both bronzer and highlighter. And blend them well so it doesn't look too dark (bronzer) and bright (highlighter)

Everything for $60? I think it's worth it! One Naked eyeshadow palette costs $54 and that's just one palette. With Lustrous you get 5 items plus the brushes. So why not give it a try? Treat yourself.
And if you love collecting makeup like me, buy it!

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