DUMBO Brooklyn


DUMBO, one of my favorite places in New York. It was a cold Saturday when we visited DUMBO.
My friend and I had coffee (except he had tea 😂) at One Girl Cookies. It's a cute spot to hangout with your friends if you're in the area. Then we had a bit of a photoshoot.

I usually have my brother or mom take photos of me. So, I wasn't really posing like the usual. 😆
But it was fun! Glad I was able to take so many good pics that day.
Special thanks to my friend a.k.a Zaddoy.

Stopped by West Elm to warm ourselves. I've always ignored this place but it was too cold outside that we had to stay in for a few minutes.

It's been awhile since I had someone pose for me!
Well, I forced him to! 😆
His outfit details:
Jacket - Zara 
Inside lining - MK 
Jeans - Levi’s 
Shoes - Johnston Murphy

Do check out 1 Hotel Brooklyn. I love the ambience of this hotel.
It's Instagramable so you'll appreciate it!

And if you're looking for a place to hangout and eat, check out Taco Dumbo 
(56 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY),
I like the cool vibe of this restaurant. They have good food too.

Coat- Uniqlo

And lastly, take lots of photos with the Manhattan skyline.
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2 Lovely Comments

  1. Nice post! Want to visit NYC now! Visiting from Argentina. 💛

  2. Lovely. You look cute with this outfit!!!