Spring/Summer Essentials (pt.1)


Spring/Summer essentials (part 1)

I’m always in front of the screen writing my story My Celebrity Husband on the Episode app which by  the way has 142,000 reads now. 
I like to de-puff my eye bags using @summerfridays because it really works and it doesn’t look like I slept for 4hrs whenever I use this. I got the travel size so I can put it in my purse when I travel. 

For the lips I use @glossier lip gloss because it’s not sticky and it contains vitamin E which helps moisturize my lips.

Oh and don’t forget to use sunnies! My current fave is this pair from @mvmt . Get 15% off using THEBIGAPPLEGIRL15

*Btw here’s where you can buy my MacBook case:

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