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Hello everyone!

It's 2022 now and I'm so excited to start the year by sharing more content here and on the vlog.
I just wanted to share the things I've manifested within a year.
As you all know, I've been writing stories on the Episode app since 2016.
Love Underground however is the closest to my heart.
Crazy how almost all the art scenes I've painted for Love Underground came to life.
The pear shape engagement ring in all of my art scenes is the same as my engagement ring that I got from my husband a year after writing my story. I dated my husband a year after I created the character Leonardo aka Leo. My husband's dad recently told me that he almost named my hubby Leonardo.
I had chills when he said that. And some of the qualities that I've imagined for the character Leo are just like my husband's.

I love manifesting things and it always amazes me whenever one of the them comes true. 
Are you also like me who likes making vision boards and writes wishes and things to manifest on a journal? I just think it's magical.

By the way, just released a 369 manifestation method journal on Amazon. You can read about it here.

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