Looking Forward to New York Fashion Week


Hey guys! I'm really looking forward to New York Fashion Week. I'm so excited because I got invited by FASHIOLISTA to the first get together here in New York. I'm looking forward to meeting Andy Torres of Stylescrabook.com and Chiara Ferragni of Theblondesalad.com! Both of them are my favorite fashion bloggers!
photo owned by Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad

photos from Fashiolista's album on facebook

I love Fashiolista ever since I joined the community. You get to share your love for fashion and get some ideas from each and everyone who has passion for fashion. I also check out their blog for some information on trends and happenings. It's a great website! Check it out if you're not yet a member. :)

What I'm thinking right now is my outfit! What should I wear? hmm. Any suggestions? and If you get to meet Andy Torres and Chiara Ferragni, what questions will you ask? :)
I also want to share some tweets I got from Andy and Chiarra. They're both nice!

I'm posting all the pictures on this site so stay tuned! Plus my next blog post will be about makeup. I'm trying out some looks for NYFW. lol.  Who will be here this September for NYFW? Are you excited? :)

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10 Lovely Comments

  1. Andy is so beautiful!!!

  2. Wow! NY Fashion week! It's great!


  3. love both of them and met Andy in AMsterdam and she is so adorable big kisses Dear have fun

  4. wow! glad to know that. :)you're lucky! and thank you. xx

  5. That's super cool, have a great time babe! What are you doing for FNO?


  6. Thank you Naina! :) I'll be going to see Leighton Meester during FNO. how about you? xx

  7. Lovely blog! Check out mine and follow! I'll follow yours back, just leave a comment with your blog in one of my posts! Thanks! :D