Fashion's Night Out 2011 (NYC)


Hey Fashionistas! I was at Fashion's Night Out yesterday, September 8, 2011 and I had so much fun! Celebrities were scattered all over Manhattan and I had a hard time choosing which event I should go to because they all started at the same time!

I arrived at Grand Central Station at around 5pm and changed my shoes as soon as I got there. Went to St. Patrick's Cathedral first then chose to stay at Rockefeller for awhile to take pictures.

Stopped by at Saks 5th avenue and met famous designer Rebecca Minkoff. I'm so happy that I met her!

Went to Tiffany & Co and saw Leighton Meester and some of the Gossip Girl cast. I love the desserts served because they're covered with gold glitters that you can eat. yes! edible glitters! :) they have free drinks and chocolates too!

Next stop, SoHo. But it was too late because we arrived there at 10pm and the Kardashians left already. I wasn't able to take that much pictures though.
With Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Nicki Minaj was in that car

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9 Lovely Comments

  1. I wish I were there!
    It's so interesting. And your look is fantastic!

  2. You should come here next year and experience FNO. You'll love it! :)
    thank you for your comment!xx

  3. It looked like it was so fun. I wish I could have went. School....

  4. I really had fun. I wish I took lots of pictures to share it here.

  5. How fun. Its great to see the photos on how everyone celebrated FNO around the world.


    Please keep in touch:

  6. You're so lucky you met Rebecca!
    She's gorgeous :)

    Stop by sometime,xoxo Natalie

  7. Great photos, your outfit was so so chic! :)

  8. Ohhh.... I wish I were there :( You look so gorgeous ! Ugh I'm jealous... :P