Holidays: Times Square & Forever 21 photo diary


 Can you imagine? I was there today and it was so CROWDED! 
Here's the story:
So my aunt asked me to go to the city to buy something for her son. I went to 2nd avenue and there were just a few people out there. After that I went straight to 5th avenue and I was pretty much surprised that it was jam-packed with people!I was so upset because I couldn't move that much and everyone was bumping each other! I just wanted to drop by St. Patrick's Cathedral to pray for awhile but because there were 1000+ people inside and I couldn't stay long, I decided to walk to Forever 21 in Times Square. I took photos along the way. Check out these snapshots from my DSLR and Blackberry.

P.S I don't really like shopping at crowded places so I just checked some clothes, ate at Mcdonald's and went home...OH I also ate McFlurry Oreo even if it was cold outside! Yum! xx

Found a floppy hat and tried it on! :)

A quick mirror picture with my Blackberry :)

yes, Forever 21 at Times Square has 4 floors! from ground level to underground!

Oh my Gosh! It was so crowded at Times Square! :(

haha! I saw Minnie and Mickey Mouse!

My McFlurry Oreo on my way home!
That's it for now guys! Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. following you now dear. would love for you to follow me back


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  2. NY's soo beautiful! would like to go to their F21. 4 flrs?? woow! have a happy new yr. more power to you :))

  3. hey "the big apple girl"! we follow your blog... your blog is great... wish you a happy new year! xoxo

  4. Crowded shops are awful!!! I understand you)

    Kisses from Moscow, Happy New Year!

  5. Oreo mcflurry is my favorite! And wow,I'd love to go there someday.. It's so cool to read that you were in those places I only read in books and watch on tv.. Anyway thanks for visiting my blog. Following you now! Follow me too? Happy new year!

  6. ..,now following you ~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS! =)

  7. Love these photos, so jealous you were in NYC! Loving your hat too x