Ed Westwick

Here they are!Gossip Girl on Set pictures!1/10/2012


Here are the pictures!These are not complete though.I've got more pictures to share.I'm so excited to show to you Ed Westwick's pictures smiling at my camera!But I'm not yet posting it here.I need more likes on my FB page. hehe.Thanks!<3

Anyways, it's my 3rd time to be on the set of Gossip Girl. I've seen all the major characters except for Dan Humphries!I need to see him soon. Right now they are filming scenes again, for Valentines Day episode but I am too lazy to go out as we speak.
So here are the pictures I snapped from yesterday. The location was at Lily's apartment where Rufus, Serena and the rest of the family lives.
Enjoy! Leave a comment.:)

New Character, Nate's new girl?

54th street 2nd avenue

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6 Lovely Comments

  1. Oooh, I wonder who that new girl is. Did you get any info on her? Maybe she's the real Charlie!

    Thanks so much for the photos. Love seeing pics of Ed and Blake, as they are my faves.

  2. I'm also wondering who she is. :) can't wait for this episode to air!:) and you're welcome!

  3. Did you see Penn ?

  4. Eee, close-ups of Ed Westwick!! :D Haha, so exciting! Hope you'll post the one of him smiling at you ^^


  5. That's possible, maybe she is Charlie? Anyway, cant wait!! :) Thanks for sharing!