Vision Board Printable


This is what I do every year before New Year's Eve. I write down all my goals/dreams/vision for 2021 and check it every night to inspire me. I find this effective and helpful in achieving my goals for the year.
I normally write it down on a piece of paper and post it on my wall. I also keep a digital copy so it's easier for me to look at it when I'm on my phone. Dreams don't just happen magically. Of course you have to work hard for it to happen. I'm just saying that having a vision board helps me visualize what I want to achieve and work for. If you believe in yourself and these things to happen, you'll surely achieve them.
Here's a free printable or digital copy of my Vision Board planner or call it whatever you want. Click on the image for a bigger size. Happy New Year everyone! May all your dreams come true!

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