What I've Learned After Reaching 2 Million



What I've learned after reaching 2 Million reads on Episode...


 was a frustrated writer. I had all these ideas in my head that I could easily write a story in one  hour. That's how my brain works. I did publish one story back in 2018 just because I wanted to try it out and get my name out there. The only problem was, I was struggling to get more readers. 

I tried everything. I promoted my story in every social media platform, tried Read for Read, DMed everyone my story, followed so many accounts, and yet nothing. None of my family and friends believed in me. No one really knew what I was doing. But I kept writing...

 My breakthrough happened this year 2020. After writing three stories on the Episode app with over 300,000 reads, I decided to write a new story. I created a poll for my followers wherein they vote if I should write about Mafia or Royal. I was hoping they would say Royal, but majority voted for Mafia.

In just one hour after getting the poll results, I immediately came up with an idea. I opened my Goodnotes and started writing down all these ideas in my head. I had pictures in mind for the cover, art scenes, and backgrounds right away. I was so fired up. I had a huge feeling that this was it. This was the story. I had this vision that this would reach a million reads.

It all happened in one night. I immediately painted the cover which took five hours to make. Submitted it to Episode app, started writing the first three chapters, and then I published the next day. I'm not even kidding! It all happened so fast. I felt like it was meant to be because the next day, my cover got approved and that made it possible for me to publish the first three chapters right away. As soon as I published it within a week, I started promoting it again on Instagram and the Episode Forum. I even tried Read for Reads again which I hate doing.

Weeks passed and I've managed to publish twenty episodes. I was already up to 500,000 reads that time. I knew it was going to reach a million once I finished writing the first season. I was eyeing on my prize, getting into the writers payment program. And sure enough, after finishing thirty episodes in one month, I gained a million reads on Love Underground.

This story was so special to me. I worked so hard to get to where I am today. I have been struggling for years finding my niche and now I finally found it. I was meant to create and entertain.

 Now here's what I've learned after reaching 2 Million:

1. Don't chase people. 

Yes, don't push people to read your stories and chase after them. It can also apply in love. lol 
Don't ask people to read your stories because you'll just get disappointed if they don't.

2. Let your stories be discovered.

Keep promoting it on Instagram, it helps. Don't mind the haters. You have the right to promote your stories in social media.

3. Don't do R4R (Read for Read).

I tried doing it once and one person wouldn't stop asking me to read five chapters of their story that I didn't feel like reading. Not to mention how demanding some people are. Just don't do it, unless you really want to be forced to read stories you don't want to read. Plus, it didn't help me grow my reads.

4. Don't ask people to review your stories.

I tried messaging people and they just ignored my messages. So, you know what? Forget it. Keep writing and promoting and you will be reviewed. Some reviewers are picky and not nice at all (no offense). Just wait for the right time and you'll be surprised, you will get that review from a reader.

5. Don't mind the haters and the "big authors" who bully you.

I've been a victim of being reported by a "big author" because they claimed I copied their art scene. After posting my references which proved I didn't copy them, I was able to show people that I didn't do anything wrong and got supporters. I realized that once you reach the top, you'll get noticed by the people up there who are mean and will try to put you down so they stay above you. Don't mind them. Just keep writing. They only do that because you are a threat to them.

6. Let your readers grow organically.

Just keep writing and promoting. I promise you, it will grow. Not only your reads, but also your following online.

That's all I can think of right now... I hope that helped. And good luck writing your stories. Keep creating and don't ever give up. If you want to check or read my stories on the Episode app, here's the link:

Follow me on Instagram: @maridywrites_episode and @thebigapplegirl

Maridy Q.



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